Wordle: Best words to guess and tips for solving daily puzzle

The Love Story Behind Wordle

You don’t need to be a vocab connoisseur to guess the Wordle of the day in six attempts. It really comes down to noticing patterns and strategically guessing your first word.

According to a TikTok linguistic expert, "you need to take into account the frequency of letters in English" in order to get the Wordle correctly on your first, second or third turn.

This means your first word should be one that contains the most commonly used letters in the English dictionary. Words containing E, T, A, O, I, N, S, or R are great ways to start.

The linguist recommends starting with words like “Stares”, “Adieu”, “Resin” “Tears”, or "Irate".

Follow me for more word game hacks #Wordle


Follow me for more word game hacks #Wordle

Follow me for more word game hacks #Wordle

Other people recommend looking for word patterns. If the word ends with a K you can estimate the letter before it may be a C. If the word begins with a Q, likely the next letter is U. Of course these aren’t fool-proof but they can help Wordle solvers.

Or if you’d rather play for fun than strategy the Facebook group of Wordle-loving people is a great place to share your score and find comradery. The group also shares tips, memes, and hints.

Many people believe there may be a trick to solving the puzzle daily, but according to Wordle creator Josh Wardle, there is really no trick. He does offer a slightly different piece of advice to people though,

“One thing I will say is that a lot of people tend to think that the game is just about finding those green and gold letters,” Wardle told Newsweek. “It's often just as important to learn what letters aren't in a word. That information can actually be more powerful in a lot of ways, and you don't necessarily realize it at first."

Here’s to hoping you don’t get the word “pygmy.”

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