Statements given after Beta Squad vs AMP charity match abandoned after pitch invasion

Statements given after Beta Squad vs AMP charity match abandoned after pitch invasion
BETA SQUAD vs AMP CHARITY MATCH (Goals & Highlights)

Statements have been issued after a charity football match between Beta Squad and AMP at Crystal Palace's Selhurst Park was unable to finish due to a pitch invasion.

British YouTubers Beta Squad took on America's AMP along with some star names from the world of football and YouTube to raise money for charity.

Among the celebrities to play were former footballers Daniel Sturridge and a masked player, believed to be Tottenham Hotspur wing-back Djed Spence, along with the likes of Chunkz and Kai Cenat with Mark Goldbridge acting as manager for Beta Squad.

A free-scoring game, complete with a 90th minute equaliser by Sturridge, was 6-6 heading into injury time with a penalty shootout to decide who wins imminent.

But a pitch invasion happened and could not be cleared which resulted in the match ending in a draw with around 600,000 viewers on the live stream left hanging to see what would happen.

There was hope the shootout would take place if the fans could be cleared in time but there was too many to do so.

Beta Squad nor AMP have commented at present but individuals vented their frustration.

Cenat said: "I'm p****d. 6-6?! I was gonna score three goals! Three! I was gonna score three goals, bruh.

"But everybody ran on the pitch, they ruined my moment, they would have said 'oh my god it's Ronaldo, Messi and Kai Cenat', that was my moment bro and y'all ran out.

"Who won? Nobody. We don't know. We will never know. Literally, three minutes left on the pitch, oh my God."

Sharky, one of the players, confirmed live on Instagram the match had been ended and blasted fans who went on to the pitch, saying how sad he was a winner was not determined and there would be no trophy lift.

The live stream went off for a while as the invasion took place but at the very end, Cenat challenged Beta Squad for a rematch in America to decide who wins.

Cenat said: "I say we run it back, that messed it up so much, we can leave it off there bro. I say y'all come to America and y'all face us.

"You have to bro!"

After Beta Squad said to "let the people decide", Cenat said: "You have the yes or no, and the power, to determine if they've got to come to America and do a rematch.

"I say we do it, I'm not going out like that, there's just no way. Once it's confirmed, it will be emotional. America, we're on the way."

Crystal Palace has been contacted for comment.

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