Woman shares little known hack to get 'better' Hinge matches

Woman shares little known hack to get 'better' Hinge matches
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Dating apps can grow to become repetitive and boring, leading to fatigue for some. But now, one woman has shared a little-known hack to refresh online matches.

Stella (@stellabr8) turned to TikTok to express her disappointment while swiping through Hinge. She said she was "done with dating," and became "discouraged" because she didn't find anyone on the app fitted to her type.

The TikToker went to delete the app from her phone but was shown a notice asking whether she wanted to remove it completely or refresh her feed.

"It essentially gets rid of the algorithm of everybody that it thinks I would like," she explained, adding that she opted to give it a second chance.

"Suddenly, I'm seeing the hottest guys I've ever seen in my entire life," Stella joked. "I literally ran out of likes on Hinge within five minutes – usually I like one guy every 200."

Fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip, with one joking: "Hinge: your perfect match! -Me: don’t want kids, not religious, liberal -Them: have kids and want more, god fearing, conservative."

Another reiterated: "The algorithm only shows me people who drink and smoke weed when I'm sober....but they're my 'most compatible.'"


Did everyone know this or am i just dumb #hinge #dating #hingedating #datingapps #chicagodating

Many more thanked the creator for sharing her valuable intel.

"This saved my life. thank you for your service," one joked, while another said: "Girl why did I just do this and my jaw dropped at the first man that popped up."

Meanwhile, one person responded to those who couldn't find that specific option, explaining: "It came up when I went to delete and selected that I was unhappy with hinge, the other prompts that option didn’t show! For people trying to find it."

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