Beyonce fans roast the UK ahead of the Cowboy Carter album

Beyonce fans roast the UK ahead of the Cowboy Carter album
Beyonce Cowboy Carter listening party happening March 29
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Beyonce fans are gearing up for the star's hotly anticipated Cowboy Carter country album, with people across the globe transforming 'Texas Hold 'Em' into a trending TikTok sound, sharing live fan reactions and artwork curated by the Beyhive.

The album, set to drop on 29 March, has inspired many fans to put their creative spin on Beyonce's newly released cover. But one has stood out in particular, mostly because of the "shade" towards the UK.

TikToker Jack Remmington turned the attention to a piece posted by X user Niamh (@msyonceslay) that shows various countries with their "gorgeous" flags and colours.

That was until he took a closer inspection at the UK, donning a balaclava, a North Face jacket with a Tesco supermarket in the background.

"Why does everybody else get a beautiful flag, a beautiful colour?" He quipped. "We get a North Face jacket wearing, balaclava, trackie bottoms, trainers and Tesco in the background."

"It's giving 'All up in Your Morrisons," Jack joked.


"The person that created it had to be from the UK, they know too much," one fan wrote in response, while another humoured: "Do u think she has a Clubcard?"

A third added: "British humour is the only humour. Chefs kiss."


Can I hear you say… UNIQUE (that’s what you are) #beyonce #cowboycarter #renaissance

It comes after Beyonce's longtime publicist Yvette Schure jumped to Beyonce's defence after Erykah Badu accused the star of stealing her look.

Earlier this week, Beyonce shared the cover for her limited edition vinyl, to which Badu reposted and wrote: "Hmmm."

Badu frequently wore her hair in beaded braids, including on the cover of D Magazine.

Beyonce's rep has since taken to Instagram to share a string of snaps of Beyonce wearing a similar look through the years, including as a child and in her Destiny's Child days.

The Beyhive have since inundated Badu with tweets online, prompting her to respond: "To Jay Z. Say somethin Jay,"

"You gone let this woman and these bees do this to me?"

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