'Big Foot' creature found on Google Maps in Russia

'Big Foot' creature found on Google Maps in Russia
Dramatic footage claims to show new sighting of Bigfoot – so do ...

Bigfoot is a mysterious creature everyone is familiar with as people - and now people have apparently spotted a sighting of one via Google Maps.

In a TikTok created by @googlemapsfun, an account with 8.1m followers that posts some of the strange sightings it comes across on Google Street View when it zooms into random parts of the globe.

This video titled: "Creepiest things Google Maps recorded without knowing it," shows someone using the Google Street view tool and according to the TikTok was "searching in the woods of Russia" (though due to the remoteness of the location this cannot be confirmed) and stumbled upon something unusual.

A large brown creature surrounded by trees can be seen looking in the direction of the camera and as the person zooms into the image to get a closer look, it appears to resemble the large ape-like features which Bigfoot is described as having (Let's be honest though, it's probably just a guy in a suit or a statue).

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Last year, a similar account called with 5.3m followers shared the same clip of someone discovering the Sasquatch but didn't confirm where this location was, The Daily Starreported.

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Since both accounts have posted the strange image, their videos have received a combined total of 6.6m views, 242,000 likes, along with hundreds of comments from people sharing different theories as to what the photo could be.

One person wrote: "You found the legendary Bigfoot."

"I think it's Bigfoot, right?" another said, and someone else added: "Bigfoot is really real."

Though others weren't so convinced and believed there was a more logical explanation.

One person wrote: "Man in a bigfoot suit who knew Google was coming."

"The bigfoot is a wooden statue...nothing more. We have something similar near me," another person said.

Someone else commented: "It was for a Bigfoot movie."

"Always a pity these Tiktoks never specify the location which makes me not believe in it at all," a fourth person replied.

Elsewhere, a hiker who stumbled across a large footprint believes it could be evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

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