Bin man rescues three kittens that had been dumped in a trash compactor

Bin man rescues three kittens that had been dumped in a trash compactor
Kittens found safe after living under the hood of woman's car

A bin man has been inundated with support after rescuing three kittens from his truck.

TikTok user @turboterry77 took to the platform when he made the shocking discovery in the waste compactor.

“Well, here we go with the chronicles of a trash man,” he told his 13 million viewers as he heard a crying sound coming from the truck. He retrieved the first kitten buried under a pile of trash before returning to save the second, saying: “That’s why I double-check. There’s another one.”

The TikToker said he "found a total of three", adding: "Things that you find in the trash! That you shouldn't find in the trash!"

Terry took the dirt-covered kittens to safety in the passenger seat and has since named them Ginger, Cinnamon and Clover.

In a comment, Terry sadly revealed that animals being dumped is common. “Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Not many times are they heard to be saved,” he wrote.

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The viral clip was flooded with over 38,000 comments from users across the world. Many of them thanked Terry for his "good deed", while others were left heartbroken by the sad reality.

"I hate that this is a thing," one said, while another commented: "This makes me so sad. How could someone do this to an animal? Thank you for rescuing them."

A third added: "Thanks for being so caring and a true hero! What kind of person would be capable of doing something like that? It breaks your heart!"

In a series of follow-up clips, the TikToker reiterated: “Sometimes it's on purpose. Sometimes it’s an accident. Sometimes you’ll just never know what the situation was."


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Many people asked whether he could turn someone in, but Terry explained how there were "so many stops in the back of that truck before this was even noticed – at least 25-30 customers." This meant he didn't "know exactly where they came from."

He explained that the police would have pushed an investigation aside due to a lack of evidence.

"It's not even worth their time, unfortunately," he said, adding: "Obviously, it would have come from a specific house and I would've caught it in time first they'd be getting a knock on the door then turned in and criminal charges against them."

The three kittens were sent to the Humane Society of Lebanon County and now live in a foster home.

“I shouldn’t get attention like this for something that should’ve never happened,” Terry said. “You guys are just as much of heroes as I am,” he added and thanked fellow TikTokers for their love and support.

Terry kindly asked viewers to donate to the Humane Society and included a link in his bio.

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