Woman goes viral after joking her blind boyfriend is ‘perfect’ because she doesn’t have to do her hair

A woman has gone viral in the best way for loving jokes made about why being with her blind boyfriend is “perfect”.

TikToker @niyaesperanza posted the light-hearted clip on the social media site tagging her boyfriend in the caption and writing, “@jakeolson61 is the perfect boyfriend and here’s why…”

In the video, Niya lists five great things about being in a relationship with a guy who is blind.

She said: “Number one: he never looks at other girls. So if this is something you want in your relationship, just look for someone who can’t see.

“Number two: it doesn’t matter what I look like and specifically I don’t really have to do my hair.”

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Next in the clip, she explained she doesn’t have to hide gifts around the house.


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Niya continued: “Number three: I don’t have to hide his birthday or Christmas presents because if I don’t tell him they’re there, he won’t go looking for them.

“Number four: unless I tell him, he doesn’t know that I’m filming him, which is excellent for TikTok content creation purposes.”

Lastly, she says the fact he can’t drive eliminates backseat driving, before retracting: “I mean… I wish that was true, but it’s the thought that counts.”

The clip has been viewed 2.7 million times and in a follow-up video, she reiterated that the video was a joke.

She continued, speaking about how she views her boyfriend’s disability as a “blessing”.


Reply to @bubbleguppy30001 I’m level 10 passionate about this… thx in advance for listening 🥰 #Blind #BlindBoyfriend #InterabledRelationships #InterabledCouple #DisabilityTikTok #Accessibility #LearnOnTikTok #Blindness #Blessing #ChristianTikTok #abelism

Niya explained: “Although disability can be a hard thing, I think that it’s something that absolutely can be used in people’s lives to be a blessing – to bless other people and to bless that person’s life.”

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