Woman wants her boyfriend to not be able to afford his rent just so she can dump him

Woman wants her boyfriend to not be able to afford his rent just so she can dump him
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A 24-year-old woman turned to Reddit for advice after desperately wanting her partner, 34, to miss rent so she can kick him out of their shared home.

"I definitely thought this was a 'when you know, you know' situation," she told the thread. "I was wrong."

She explained to fellow Redditors how they "fast-tracked" their relationship, leading to them moving in together after two months of dating.

The situation only got messier after revealing to Reddit that the apartment is technically his – though he had missed rent twice. She noted that half of her savings had been rinsed because she "basically paid for everything," including: "half of the rent every month, all the furniture, every grocery trip, every dining experience, internet and phone bill."

"He couldn't pass the credit check, so I offered to be on the lease, basically a co-signer," she explained. "I explicitly mentioned before signing that even if I weren't splitting rent with him, he could afford this on his own. He said 'yes' confidently."

These financial issues soon evolved into feelings of "resentment towards him" which spilt out into other areas of their relationship.

"I have literally no desire to kiss, cuddle, anything.

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"I feel like I'm taking care of a man child instead of feeling loved and equal. He knows financial troubles bring me anxiety and apologizes profusely and love-bombs me afterwards."

The tensions and upset had gotten so heightened that she said she wished she could go back to living alone "rather than financially unstable."

"I just want him to miss rent one more time, so I have an excuse to get it over with and be justified."

Naturally, Redditors were on stand-by to offer the woman some much-needed advice.

One candidly told her she didn't need an excuse to end things, adding: "You already have plenty reason. He's not pulling his weight. Why wait?"

Another highlighted that she's young. "How is it that you are more mature than him," they quizzed. "It's been only eight months. Why waste more??? Time is precious. You're not feeling it anymore, it's not working. Full stop."

While another responded: "She's not necessarily more mature. She's more responsible.

"A grown-up would be honest and break up with someone if they wanted the relationship to be over. Not hope they miss rent so they can move out and not have to have an uncomfortable situation by breaking up properly."

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