Woman's boyfriend says he's too 'embarassed' to be seen with her because of her fashion sense

Camila Cabello addresses wardrobe malfunction on TikTok

Fashion and the way we dress are significant ways of expressing our individuality to the outside world.

But, one woman has revealed that her boyfriend told her he was “embarrassed” about the way she dressed, sparking fury online.

She shared her experience on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole [AITA] community and explained what happened in a post, titled: “AITA for dressing in a way that was “embarrassing” for my boyfriend?

The anonymous person explained that she works full time so when she has free time where she is able to dress up, she enjoys it – even if she’s just going out to run errands.

Describing her outfit, she said: “I wore a loose, thick, purple, sweater dress with a jack o lantern on it, striped white and black leggings, with some doc marten boots and a black bow in my hair to go out for errands.”

But, the woman’s boyfriend didn’t appear to be a fan of her eclectic look as he told her she looked like a “Tim Burton character” and continually made comments about being embarrassed to be seen with her.

Not only did he tell her to “not go out like that again” but he also refused to go into a shop with her where people there would recognise them.

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Commenting on the post, other Redditors were horrified by the boyfriend’s actions, and it's not the first time a man has been criticised on the online forum.

One man asked a woman to pay him back for their dates after she didn't tell the truth about having kids. Another husband was slammed for refusing to allow his son to invite his friends to his 10th birthday party.

On the fashion post, someone replied: “I'm a firm believer that there's a time and place for everything when it comes to outfits, but I can't for the life of me understand why he would repeatedly berate you over a completely innocuous outfit when y'all went to the store.

Another person agreed, writing: “YEAH I GET IT IF..... you're going to spend time at an event that has a dress code or something... but just doing errands? Wear what makes you... you.”

Others suggested she get rid of her boyfriend, saying there would be plenty of other guys who would love the way she dresses.

They wrote: “Ditch the bf, plenty of dudes out there that would be over the moon if their gf dressed like a Tim burton character on their day off. Find someone who builds you up rather than tearing you down.”

Another commented: “Get a boyfriend who accepts and values you for who you are. There's nothing wrong with how you dress, you're expressing who you are. Generic is boring!”

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