Man asks woman to pay him back for dates after she lied about having a kid

Man asks woman to pay him back for dates after she lied about having a kid

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It’s bad form to lie to a romantic interest, especially when it comes to something as important as whether or not you have kids.

But is it worse to ask someone to reimburse the cost of the dates once they’re caught out in their lie?

That’s what has Redditors' chins wagging this week.

Posting to the Am I The A**hole subreddit, a 26-year-old man has told of how he asked someone he went on five dates with to refund him $100 to partially cover the costs he incurred over the course of five dates.

He called off the romance when he found out she had a child, despite her telling him she was not a mom.

He explained that about four months ago, he met a woman called Morgan through a mutual friend. They hit it off, and soon started dating.

In the beginning, he asked if she had any children and she said no. He said he didn’t wish to date single mothers because he “had issues with it in the past”. She was understanding of this, he said.

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The pair enjoyed five dates, with each one being filled with "good vibes" and laughter.

But after the fifth date, the Redditor decided to tap her name into Facebook to add her as a friend.

He said: "I was in shock. She had a kid on her profile. I thought maybe it was a nephew. But kept scrolling and found more pics. Definitely her kid.”

He texted her and asked if the child is hers, and she eventually admitted to having a kid.

She said she “didn’t like bringing him up until she knew she could trust a guy”, and said she is at the point where she now trusts the Redditor.

The Redditor was annoyed because “she knew my stance on dating single moms”, and wrote that he feels as though his “time has been wasted”.

He said he would send a Venmo requesting her to pay for the tickets they bought for an upcoming country music concert. He estimates that he spent $400 on the five dates, but said he only Venmo requested her for one of the tickets and $50 for the dates - around $100 in total.

Now, it seems to have gotten back to his other friends and they’re claiming he’s being “an a**hole”, but another friend is on his side.

In an edit, he clarified that he prefers not to date single moms because they “don’t have the flexibility and time”, and he said he likes to be spontaneous. “Also the baby daddy/no baby daddy thing always leads to drama,” he said.

The top comment, with 10,000 upvotes reads: “ESH [everyone sucks here]. Yeah she lied to you, but asking for date money back is petty and it makes you look really terrible. Just sell the tickets on Stubhub, cut your losses, and move on.”

Another said he’s in the right to ask for the concert ticket back, but said he shouldn’t have asked for the money for the past dates.

This isn’t the only dating conundrum we’ve seen recently. Just this week, we wrote about a woman whose Tinder match sent her a dating application form.


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