Boyfriend divides TikTok after bringing gaming system into delivery room while pregnant girlfriend was induced

Boyfriend divides TikTok after bringing gaming system into delivery room while pregnant girlfriend was induced

Going through pregnancy and labour can be a long, tiresome process, but it seems the boyfriend of one pregnant woman found a way to keep himself entertained during this time with another love of his life: gaming.

TikToker Amber (@amberscxtt) shared her hospital view as she was getting a 21-hour-long induction, and while lying on the hospital bed it seems her boyfriend found a way to entertain himself while this was happening.

He appeared to be pretty preoccupied after he brought in his own gaming system from home into the delivery room.

In the clip, the expectant mother showed the father-to-be sitting with his back to her, concentrating intensely on the TV screen as he played a video game with his full headset on.

“My boyfriend brought his entire gaming system to the hospital during my 21 hour long induction,” Amber explained in the on-screen caption.

In the post caption, she also advised men to do the same as her boyfriend, and “bring something to keep you occupied during an induction.”

Since sharing her delivery room clip including her boyfriend and his gaming system, Amber’s video has received 1.9m views, and over 280,000 likes.

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Going by the thousands of comments on the video, people are divided as to whether they believe it was appropriate for the boyfriend to bring his gaming system into the delivery room to pass the time.

For some, this move definitely rubbed them up the wrong way, as some of the comments were critical and thought that the boyfriend playing games while his girlfriend was getting induced was inappropriate.

“Nah honestly, this is so disrespectful,” one person wrote. “I don’t expect y’all to hold hands for 21 hours but he can’t go without gaming for a day? Read a book for something.

Another person said: “Don’t expect any help with your baby hun. He’s still a kid himself!”

“Imagine being pregnant for 9 months and ur bf [boyfriend] isn’t even able to be patient for 21 hours,” someone else added.

A fourth person replied: “No way!!!! Absolutely not. This is the most important time for the two of you (soon to be three), red flag.”

However, others didn’t see what the problem was with the boyfriend bringing his own entertainment in to pass the time if the girlfriend didn’t mind him playing it - and one also shared how they let their partner do the same.

One person wrote: “Not all of us want a super ‘in your face, touchy, SUPER involved’ partner during labor.”

“His girl said it was ok for him to bring it. She didn’t have a problem with it so why does it matter to y’all,” another person said.

Someone else added: “No shame about it!! My induction took 3 days!! I told him to bring it. But when I needed him he stopped playing immediately.”

“Everyone that’s mad has never sat through a long, boring induction,” a fourth person replied.

In an update, Amber addressed the negative comments she received on her viral video and asked why some people were so angry.

“I want to know the difference between bringing a book, being on your phone, bringing a laptop, or something else - how is that different from bringing a game? It’s something to do to occupy your time.”

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