A woman has shared how she got the ultimate revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend and let’s just say the payback is pretty permanent...

TikToker Lana (@lanalovelace7) revealed her scheme in a video and shared the exact moment her plan was put in motion, as the footage showed the ex-boyfriend getting a tattoo of Lana’s name on his arm.

But that was only part of the ploy - as Lana revealed that she planned on “ghosting him immediately afterwards,” so the guy will be quickly regretting his decision there.

With on-screen captions, she explained: “When ur POS [piece of s**t] ex wants u back so u tell him to get ur name tatted on him but plan on ghosting him immediately afterwards.”


Can you guess our signs 🤪 #fyp #tattoo #revenge

The clip is from Lana’s point of view watching as the tattoo artist wearing a mask concentrates closely on inking the man’s inner forearm - as the man sits, completely unaware of the TikToker’s plans.

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The camera then pans round to Lana who is sitting watching her plan unfold. We can’t see her expressions as she’s wearing a mask, but we imagine she’s is pretty pleased with herself.

Since confessing to her tattoo trickery, Lana’s video has been viewed 1.3m times, with over 155,000 likes, and many comments from people who were divided over the stunt.

Some praised the TikToker for getting her own back.

One person said: “Love that for you bestie, he’s gonna have you with him every day.”

“That’s so mean,” another person wrote, “do it again.”

Someone else replied: “Wait this is so evil but I LOVE IT.”

“Listen, I ain’t saying it’s a good idea... but it’s funny,” a fourth person commented.

While others considered this move a step too far.

One person wrote: “That’s just wrong no matter what the circumstance is.’”

“Or idk [I don’t know] just be an adult and tell him you don’t want to get back together,” another person said.

Someone else added: “But you guys sound like you are made for each other.”

“Y’all deserve each other. Congrats on finding your soulmate bestie!” a fourth person replied.

Elsewhere while Lana’s story is not verified, a woman claiming to be the guy’s current girlfriend Daniela Carreola posted a video saying that the story is true - but that it didn’t happen recently.

“This tattoo was done March of 2021 before we even met. I make fun of him for it, yes, but people get tattoos of names all the time.

She added: “Do I think it’s stupid? Yes. I have a tattoo for someone who’s not in my life. They’re tattoos.”

In response, Lana accused Daniella of “sticking up for a narcissistic cheating abuser” and has claimed that “numerous girls” has contacted her with proof showing Daniella isn’t the only girl her ex is dating.

Moral of the story: never get the name of your ex tattooed on your body.

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