<p>Mr. Surveillance shared how far he was willing to go to catch his cheating girlfriend</p>

Mr. Surveillance shared how far he was willing to go to catch his cheating girlfriend


A boyfriend has shared how he used a surveillance camera to find out whether his girlfriend was cheating and has insisted: “I’m not a creep.”

You can watch the video in full here.

The TikTok user known as “Mr. Surveillance” explained how he had suspicions about his girlfriend of six years.

“To find out if it’s true, I got this hidden spy camera online,” as he picked up what looked like innocuous phone charger,” he said.

But, if you looked closer you could see a lens just above the USB charging point which can secretly record people.

Despite using this extreme measure, the boyfriend insisted he had “never seen anything like this before” and said: “Please don’t think I’m a creep.”

He then explained his plan of action: “Going to plug this in next time I leave the house to see if I can catch her...”

The video has gone viral with over 980,000 views and over 70,000 likes.

A few days later, Mr. Surveillance uploaded a follow-up video, sharing whether the surveillance camera caught his girlfriend cheating.

You can watch the video in full here.

At the start of the clip, he showed himself plugging in the camera disguised as a charger into the kitchen wall socket.

He then got a charger to insert into the USB port so that the camera remained hidden. “There’s no way she’s going to find this camera,” he said.


Then he left the house to go into his car which parked down the street “to try and catch her.”

He said: “I recorded the live stream on my phone, until THIS happened...”

The video cut to the footage from the surveillance camera in the kitchen, a door slam could be heard, as the boyfriend asked: “What was that?”

That’s when his girlfriend walked in hand-in-hand with another guy, and the TikToker questioned: “WHO TF IS THAT?!”

The camera also caught the pair kissing before going into another room. “You’ve got to be kidding me...” the boyfriend adds.

Mr. Surveillance sent the footage to his girlfriend and wrote to her: “We’re over. Pack your things ASAP. Hope you’re happy.”


This second video has become even more viral than the first, with over 15.2m views, 2.1m likes.

It also received thousands of comments from people who are doubting the boyfriend’s story, and other asking where he got the camera from.

One person said: “Nice acting but where did you find the camera?”

“I feel like that’s her bf in the vid and they did this for the clout,” another person wrote.

Others noticed that the TikTok has the link to the camera he used in his bio that says: “Something sus happening in your life? Get your camera charger,” along with the link.

Someone replied: “This was basically a promotion for this camera, nothing too serious. Just shouldn't lie about the cheating thing for advertisement. It worked tho.”

“If he made this camera and set up the whole act. This man is awesome in marketing,” another person commented.

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