Boys think they’re going to be rich for shovelling driveways in sweet viral video

Boys think they’re going to be rich for shovelling driveways in sweet viral video
Boys think they’re going to be rich for shovelling driveways
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A hilariously wholesome interaction between two young boys was captured on a Ring doorbell after they were given money to shovel driveways amid snowy weather.

The footage shows the pair walking up to a house in Winnipeg, Canada and as they approached the door, one commented: "Oh yeah they got a camera, I'm not liking this one," before his friend wished him luck as he pressed the doorbell.

A woman then opened the door and greeted the two boys, as one of them asked: "Hi, do you want us to shovel your driveway for 20 bucks?"

To which the woman accepted the offer and said she was going to get the money "right now" as she had to leave but would be back in an hour, and told them "so I'll give you the money if you can shovel it."

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When the woman returned inside the house to fetch the cash, the two boys thanked the woman for their 10 bucks each and then a sweet moment was captured as the youngsters couldn't believe their luck.

"Did you hear that?" said one of the boys as he placed his hands on his friend's shoulders. "We're gonna be f****** rich!"

To which the other boy then replied in similar shock: "Oh boy, oh boy, you are awesome! No wonder all these people are rich. They'll pay us, they're like, 'I'm not shovelling I've got lots of money, who cares?'"

"'I don't want to shovel, I'm rich, I'm rich,'" his friend also impersonated the woman.

He then held up a paper bag for "all our money we'll be counting up," as the two friends did a little celebratory dance.

The conversation then moved on as the boy on the left bragged "you should see my bank account" that he claims has $6,000 which led to his friend dishing out some financial advice, telling him to save until he's 16 so then he can buy a car.

It seems the boy has expensive taste as he said " aLamborghini is good for me," because they are "short."

Their money talk was then interrupted when the woman came back to give them the cash, as the pair thanked her and began the task of shovelling the driveway.

Just because they already had the money, they weren't going to slack off and were set on doing a cracking job as one of them said: "Okay now let's do a really good job cause they paid us first."

The video quickly went viral on Twitter after @OneJKMolina posted the clip and wrote the caption: "Almost cried not gonna lie."

Since then, the tweet has received over 105,000 likes, 20,000 retweets and thousands of comments from people who loved the sweet video of the youngsters and were praised for their work ethic.

Everyone agrees the boys from the footage are destined for great things.

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