Father forced to clean B&Q display toilet after 4-year-old poos in it

Father forced to clean B&Q display toilet after 4-year-old poos in it
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A four-year-old has left Facebook users in hysterics after taking a poo in one of B&Q's model toilets.

Caroline and her family took a trip to the DIY store in Glastonbury to buy a washing line – but ended up with much more than they bargained for. She recalled seeing her toddler sitting on one of the display bogs.

She urged him to get off, but it was too late as he insisted he "needed to finish."

Caroline couldn't believe what had happened and shared the hilarious story online in a viral post on Saturday (11th June).

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“J has taken a very big poo in one of the B&Q display toilets," the mum penned.

“Only went in for a washing line, turned around and J is sat on one of the toilets. Ran to say get off but it was very much too late.

“I left to get wet wipes and came back to him still sat on there because he ‘needed to finish’, and hubby didn’t know what else to do."

Luckily, the shop assistants took it in good humour and "couldn't stop laughing." Though, they also "completely ignored the situation", and Caroline didn't blame them.

Instead, her partner had to fish out Jacob's number two.

Caroline told ‘At first we were mortified but then we found it funnier and funnier.

"I quick paced back to the car park to get wet wipes and nappy bags and I couldn’t stop laughing then.

"He was still on the toilet so I proceeded to help wipe his bum still and explain [that] the toilets in shops are not actual toilets.

"He said his sister, Frankie, said he could use it. [His other sister] Eliza was oblivious to it all and happy just playing on the toilets."

The post has been shared almost 35,000 times across Facebook, with fellow users flocking to the comments to express their amusement.

"This killed me," one said, with a second joking: "I would have walked out. Sack that!"

While another said they had encountered a similar experience: "We had that happen in Travis Perkins once, then the young lady wiped her bum with her teddy bear," they penned.

Kids will be kids, aye.

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