Twitter Here to Stay But Consider Some Top Alternatives, Just in Case

A bunch of Brazilians on social media have decided to join an Indian Twitter clone used by Hindu nationalists - because it sounds similar to the Portuguese word for asshole.

On Saturday (19 November), Ryan Broderick, a podcaster and writer behind the Garbage Day newsletter, took to Twitter to share some information social media platform called "Koo."

"Brazilians are signing up en masse for an Indian Twitter clone used by Hindu nationalists because its name sounds like the Portuguese slang, "Broderick tweeted while sharing a link to his Substack and a screenshot of the part of his article that discussed the app.

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And because the name is so similar to the Portuguese word "cu," specifically meaning, asshole, it prompted Brazilians to jump on board and give the platform a go.

The Indian microblogging platform, which was created by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka in March 2020, is available in 10 languages, and has become the 2nd largest multi-lingual microblogging platform in the world.

The social platform also "democratizes the voices of people" by allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings "freely."

Despite the app being similar to Twitter, the differences are that "koos," which are like "tweets," have a 400-character limit and the mascot is a yellow bird, not a blue one.

Within 48 hours of the Koo App launch in the Portuguese language, the platform received over 1 million user downloads On 21 November in Brazil.

Some of those people also couldn't resist poking fun at the name.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Koo is becoming a popular Twitter alternative in Brazil because its name sounds like 'a**' in Portuguese. Zueira at its prime."

"I honestly don't have the maturity to deal with the Koo jokes coming from Brazil (phonetically, it sounds like the Portuguese word for a**). But hey, find me there too!" another quipped.

A third wrote: "Brazilians are migrating to a social network called Koo, which sounds like the Portuguese word for 'a**' (cu). Right now, many Brazilians are opening their Koos and letting others in. There's a race to see who has the biggest Koo in the country. That's why Brazil is wonderful.

"And many people here in Brazil are migrating to Koo, an Indian social network whose name is phonetically similar to the Portuguese word for ass (many jokes are made about it). I think Twitter will end up having several successors."

Speaking of the recent success of the Koo app in Brazil, Radhakrishna, the co-founder and CEO, said that the team is "very happy" for the "love and support" the country showed the app.

"This support is a testimony that we are solving a problem for native language-speaking users not only in India but across the world," he said, according to The New Indian.

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