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A woman was left stunned after spotting a heartless reminder a man had written himself on his hand.

If you’re stuck for a piece of paper, it’s not uncommon to write notes to remind yourself perhaps what’s on your shopping list or to go to your doctor’s appointment. But, as one man found out, anything written there is at the mercy of the public.

Radio host Emma Chow was left horrified when she saw a man’s written reminder on his hand to break up with someone via email.

In a viral clip on TikTok, Chow, who had been sitting behind a man on public transport in Sydney, Australia, noticed blue ink on his hand that read: “Send breakup email.”

She then zoomed in on the hand-drawn note while the text overlay read: “Is this the most gutless way to break up with someone?”

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Not only did the note get shared on TikTok, but Chow also discussed what she’d seen on her radio show RnB Fridays Radio.

Chow explained: “I had to take a video of this because I couldn't quite believe this guy had written this note on his hand.

“Firstly, how embarrassing, secondly, unbeknown to her, this poor girl is going to get broken up with and it's just going to land in her Gmail and be like 'I don't want to be together anymore'.”

In the comments, many were just as shocked as Chow.

One user commented: “Email ? No way.”

“Why do I feel like an email would be worse than a text,” someone else said.

Another jokester said: “Kind regards.”

Someone else wrote: “That’s brutal.”

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