Woman says her sister asked for her breast milk so she could turn it into soap

Woman says her sister asked for her breast milk so she could turn it into soap
'The sound of rubber-like soap being cut into pieces is a serotonin ...

A woman revealed that her sister asked her for her breast milk to make soap for her unborn child - and she, unsurprisingly, refused.

Taking to the sub-Reddit page called Am I The A**hole, the woman said that she has two children, one of them being six months old.

While nursing her youngest baby, she said that she is pumping breast milk "20 min four times every day."

"I feel like a cow and have been experiencing "nursing aversion" (BAA), which basically means I get a surge of negative hormones every time I start lactating, and I get super angry," she said before she began to speak about her sister.

Her sister had some trouble conceiving but is now six months pregnant with a daughter.

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And about a week ago, she had the interesting request for breast milk to make soap for her unborn child.

"She read something about caring for sensitive newborn skin and is worried her daughter will inherit her own skin issues (nothing medical, just very sensitive)," the woman wrote before adding that her sister wants "12 oz of milk."

"For those who don't know, that's so much breast milk. Like, [two] entire meals for my son and takes [two] entire pumping sessions to produce."

The woman said she despises "confrontation," so she waited a few days before declining her sister's request.

"Because I hate confrontation, I waited a few days to tell her no, I would not give her any milk. I need it to feed my kid."

"I would not give her any milk." iStock

The woman said that her sister is now "furious" with her and complained to their mom and other sister about how "unsupportive" and "selfish" she was in her "miracle pregnancy."

While wondering if she was being uncooperative, people took to the post's comment section to express that she didn't do anything wrong and the sister was being "self-centred and entitled."

One wrote: "Uh your sister can use her own breast milk to make soap. What in the world. Some women struggle to make enough milk to feed their own babies. She's being self-centred and entitled."

"If she wants to make soap from milk, your sister can buy some milk from a health food store. Or she can buy specialty soap. You are not a cow," another added.

Someone else who suggested a milk alternative wrote: "Not the a**hole. She's not entitled to YOUR breast milk? That's really weird of her? And 12 oz. Is sooo much breast milk, that's insane. She could use goat milk. I heard that's a healthy alternative!"

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