People are creating names for their own 'useless Brexit amendments' and they are hilarious

People are creating names for their own 'useless Brexit amendments' and they are hilarious

Yesterday's continuation of Brexit saw the introduction of a new plan to get Britain out of the EU with a deal.

It's called 'The Malthouse compromise' and had received backing from prominent Tory MPs with opposing views on Brexit, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nicky Morgan.

The compromise has been named after the housing minister Kit Malthouse, who has managed to somehow unite the warring factions. The plan would offer an exit from the EU on time and ensure a new backstop without a hard border and provide an incentive to strike up a new trade deal.

Last night's amendment vote in the Commons allowed Theresa May to return to Brussels in the hope of striking a new deal, but this introduction of a new proposal has only drawn jokes and derision, not so much because of the plan but because of the name, which sounds like a political thriller from the 1970s starring Warren Beaty.

The same could also be said of the Cooper amendment and the Spelman amendment, which could easily be the name of an indie band from 2003 who released a song called 'Fire is the Only Solution to our Crimewave', or something like that.

Anyway, in the spirit of Brexit, which has just become a big jolly now, people have begun creating their own pointless Brexit amendments.

This was started by The Independent's political sketch writer Tom Peck, who challenged people to create their own amendment by combining the surname of the school teacher that most wronged you and the last word of the first Google Image result of your own surname and 'thriller novel' (i.e Smith thriller novel).

The internet responded in their droves and they did not disappoint.

With less than two months until Brexit, we wouldn't be surprised if any of the above were brought up in the Commons as a possible way out of this mess.

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