Bride wears black wedding dress to get revenge on mother-in-law

Bride wears black wedding dress to get revenge on mother-in-law
Bride customizes $24 vintage Goodwill dress for her wedding

When trying to plan the perfect wedding day, many brides will say there’s nothing worse than pushy in-laws trying to dictate their opinions on the big day.

For one woman, who faced her wedding and work life getting derailed by controlling in-laws, she found the perfect way of getting back at them with her choice of wedding dress.

In a post on Reddit’s r/pettyrevenge, the anonymous woman explained that her former partner’s parents wanted the wedding done their way and even attempted to sabotage her promotion at work if she didn’t let them have control of the wedding.

She explained: “Ex in-laws wanted my wedding to be done their way, but I refused. My ex knew I was working towards a promotion and told his parents about it.

“They decided to attempt sabotaging my promotion by having my ex constantly harass me at work and start long arguments at home with me so I would be too exhausted to focus at work.”

She claims her ex actually told her that the harassment and arguments would stop if she just gave in and let his parents plan the wedding.

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But rather than give in, the woman planned a little revenge of her own by wearing a cheap black wedding dress on her big day, while treating herself to an expensive dress to wear to work.

The post went on: “I decided a little petty revenge was in order. I found a black dress for 40 bucks online a week before the wedding to function as my wedding dress.

“Some time before the wedding, my boss had told me that my promotion would be announced at a meeting on the week of the wedding. So I went to a local designer and bought a $500 dress to wear to that work.”

The woman then recalled telling guests at the wedding how much the dress cost, saying “weddings just aren't as important to me as my job is” which “embarrassed” her new in-laws.

The icing on top of the cake was that the woman eventually gave the expensive work dress to her sister-in-law who still wears it, giving her the last laugh.

She wrote: “Eventually, I gave the work dress to younger ex SIL when I outgrew it. It's been almost a decade, I've divorced my ex and moved away, but from what I last saw on FB, ex SIL is STILL wearing that dress to family events, no doubt ruining the mood for her witch of a mother.

“It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.”

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