Bride told to cancel her wedding and turn it into a get well party for cousin's husband

Bride told to cancel her wedding and turn it into a get well party for cousin's husband
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Often, a lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding, especially during the week leading up to the big day - so it's never ideal when something goes wrong.

And one bride knows this all too well as the occasion was in chaos due to her fiancé's cousin Elena ordering the wedding to be postponed - just two days before the ceremony.

In a post shared on Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum, the bride detailed how her cousin's husband was currently in hospital after being involved in an accident with "serious injury" and is "recovering slowly."

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"Yesterday, my family and I had a small dinner to celebrate the wedding. We didn't expect Elena to come but she did, which we had no problem with. But during the dinner, I noticed she was looking at me and [my boyfriend] Matt weirdly - as if she was angry."

That's when she made the demand.

"Suddenly she stood up and said: 'Matthew and Madison, you guys are absolutely perfect for each other and I'm so happy you guys are getting married, but, I would like for you to postpone the wedding so that all the arrangements that have been done can be transformed to a get well party for my husband.' "

"Matthew gave each other weird looks but then I responded saying: 'Elena, I'm very sad for what happened to your husband but that is not a reason for me to postpone my wedding, which I've spent the past year organising. I am sorry but I will not be cancelling my wedding, you are free to cancel if you want.'"

The bride was criticised by her fiancé's cousin for not postponing her weddingiStockphoto by Getty Images

Though this did not go down well at all with Elena who "snapped" and described "how big of an a**hole" the bride was. She also called her "selfish and inconsiderate of her husband."

The bride then informed her relative that she has "never even had a proper conversation" with her husband in their 3 years of marriage.

"She stormed out of the house and we haven't talked since," the post read.

Since sharing the story, people have chimed in to share their thoughts on the awkward family situation - with many siding with the bride and declared the cousin as the a**hole.

One person said: "Hard pass. I think you would really struggle to find another couple that would accede to Elena's request.

"My congratulations on your impending nuptials, enjoy your wedding, and Elena can throw her own damn get well party."

"NTA. She sounds like she's clearly hurting but she's also majorly entitled- is that a usual trait for her?" another person wrote.

Someone else added: "NTA. She is very rude to even ask this."

"NTA. Your cousin is entitled. You dont get to demand that someone change their wedding into a get well party," a fourth person commented.

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