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Being jilted at the altar must be one of the worst experiences that any man or woman can experience on their wedding day.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to one woman whose husband-to-be didn't even bother to show up at the church, leaving her in a very tricky situation.

In a sure-fire sign that she was far more committed to the relationship than he was, she paid for the majority of the wedding and even their honeymoon to Greece.

She explained exactly what happened in an email to the Instagram account The Shade Room.

Just in case you can't read that above post this is what she said:

This was suppose (sic) to be me and my ex-fiancé, but he never showed up to our wedding on Mon and we never went to Greece.

I didn't get insurance for our trip and it cost over 3 grand, not including all the vendors I paid out of pocket myself. He paid for nothing.

People showed up and flew from everywhere and went back home after the venue turned them around. I found out he never paid the venue.

I was at the hotel getting ready with my girls when this went down. 10 years gone in 10 minutes.

I purchased a dress for 3 grand, paid the dj 2.4 grand, Photographer 4 grand and other small purchases totaling 2 grand.

He spent $300 for my hair and nails and $500 for the venue deposit which he told me he paid, but was a lie, he never paid it.

We even had a bridal shower. I'm in a dream-reality now.

The Shade Room asked their followers to happy this unhappy bride out and give some advice about what she could do next.

The majority were under the impression that she should sue him. iminyjo wrote:

OUCH. Sue him. This was a breach of contract.

The ring was material consideration for the verbal contract.

She should be able to get at least some of her $$$ back. 

I learned that in an HS law class I took twenty year ago - hopefully it's still accurate!

Good Luck honey!

Others were less sympathetic and felt that she should have seen this coming. eugenia08 said:

I am sorry but the writing was all over the wall here.

You can't marry just to hit into society norms or to keep up with the Joneses.

You paid for everything! I mean that was one of the signs. Did you buy the engagement ring too? 

You are saying 10 years is gone in 10 mins, but In actually (sic), you probably was unhappy for 10 years, but you thought marriage was going to solve the void. 

Please take this as a lesson and move you. Your soul mate awaits you dear.

Some told her just to go to Greece and live her best life. xo_niaj said:

Go to greece change ya name and get married to a prince and use your wedding dress as a bathrobe.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing seems to happen quite a lot. bknysb wrote:

OMG, I'm not the only one...My HUSBAND cancelled our wedding reception 5 weeks before the event.

EVERYTHING was in my name because his credit was ruined by his 2nd EX-WIFE...

Still in debt from this MFer.

Others felt the whole story was a little fishy. puregoddesss posed this question:

BUT WAIT...how you didn't know your venue wasn't paid for before your wedding day, isn't there normally a rehearsal at the venue a few days before???

Something ain't adding up.

It's unlikely that we'll ever learn what happens in this scenario but the morale of the story has to be: don't let useless men get away with paying for nothing at a wedding.

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