Bride called 'the devil' after giving strict rules to wedding guests

Bride called 'the devil' after giving strict rules to wedding guests
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When it comes to planning weddings, most brides have a vision of how they want the day to go, with a clear aesthetic or theme in mind.

One of those brides was Samantha Twist (@samanthatwist) who shared the backlash she received when she asked her guests to wear a pastel coloured outfit to match on her big day.

In a response to another video by a different TikTok about "unconventional things I want to do for my wedding," which included sending a colour dress code out, Twist explained how she did this for her own nuptials.

"I posted on our website some examples, and just said 'hey I would like it if you could wear something like this,' she said as a screenshot of her wedding website appeared in the background.

On the website under the title "What should I wear?" it read: "Our theme colors are pink, black and near neutrals, if you are interested in color matching. But most importantly wear something you feel beautiful in!" and then gave links to some examples.

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Twist also included a section for colours that guests should avoid wearing, as the section read: "Please refrain from red, orange, yellow and obviously any shades of white."


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Though the clear instructions didn't go down all too well with her guests as Twist revealed: "Basically everyone was outraged."

"I got some much crap for posting this, one of my aunties if I care so much about what she wears she's just not going to show up. My mother-in-law was calling my husband saying 'What the heck is with Sam? Does she not understand that people don't have money to buy whole new outfits."

"Everyone basically thought I was the devil for asking them to wear near neutrals, although I think most people have grey or beige or navy blue in wardrobe," she added.

Since sharing her wedding planning struggles, Twist's TikTok has received over 395,000 views, along with over a thousand comments from people who appear divided over the TikToker's specific dress code.

Some felt that Twist had gone too far and complained about how weddings shouldn't just be about achieving a certain "aesthetic."

One person said: "I would go along with it if asked, but also kinda think it's getting ridiculous how obsessed people are with looking 'aesthetic'."

"If you want to decide my outfit, you’ll need to pay for it," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "It’s an important day for you and a normal one for everyone else. Chill a bit. It’s more important that people come and have fun and celebrate with you."

"I personally think it's ridiculous. the people attending aren't there to be your decor or whatever," a fourth person commented.

Although there were some that agreed with Twist and felt that her details would have been helpful for guests deciding what to wear.

One person wrote: "I don’t get the hate. It’s disingenuous to pretend aesthetics aren’t a part of a wedding. I personally love a theme! It’s like we all coordinated!"

"For the 'it’s a lot to ask' people - these are color options that pretty much everyone already owns! & it wasn’t a requirement! Black tie is harder," another person said.

Someone else replied: I would love that level of instruction, I hate feeling underdressed and also overdressed!"

"It’s your wedding I’ll do whatever you want. Why are people so mad…. Make the bride and groom happy, it’s their day!" a fourth person commented.

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