11 things British people just do not understand about America

Aside from the blindingly obvious - eating sweet potato with marshmallows and the president pardoning a turkey, for example – there’s a lot Brits don’t understand about Thanksgiving, despite the US being one of our closest cultural cousins.

London-based American restaurant Jackson + Rye quizzed 2,000 people on their Thanksgiving trivia, and found a few misunderstandings…

1. 52% didn’t know the true origin of Thanksgiving

2. 49% didn’t know what the cornucopia is (the symbolic centrepiece placed on tables)

But they also found that we don’t know much about America the other 364 days, either. (Note to self: check America has 365 days a year, like the UK.)

The restaurant also found that:

3. Six out of ten Brits don’t know how many US states there are

According to Ruth Margolis, a British journalist living in America, we also don’t understand Americans’ compulsions to:

4. Constantly bake

5. Floss

6. Send personalised holiday cards

7. Drink milk on its own

According to this Quora post, a Yorkshireman writes that he doesn’t understand:

8. The US gun culture

9. Its lack of free healthcare

10. Why Americans are so easily offended

A Scot writes that he doesn’t understand:

11. Why Americans don’t understand sarcasm in the same way

So really, if you think about it, just about everything.

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