There's a new dating app - and it's brutal
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We’ve all played a game of kiss, marry, kill – or some form of it, anyway. But its enjoyment relies on the fact that we wouldn’t actually do any of those things.

Except that the game, in some weird, Black Mirror-esque twist, is now a reality.

A new dating app, called FMK (f**k, marry, kill), has launched, calling itself a ‘social experiment game’.

It allows users to ‘see your rankings and how f**kable, marriable and killable you are’.

The app’s website says:

Dating apps aren’t fun enough. Imagine every time you met three people, you’d have to choose which of them you’d f**k, marry or kill.

Guess what? Now you can do that in a fun way. By yourself or with your friends.

These are the three definitions, if you were confused:


The one suited for a one night stand but that only would introduce to your parents if you want to piss them off.


This one's good for the long term. Cute and all, and seems like a nice person.


Not even if you were the only two survivors of a zombie apocalypse. In fact, you would rather f**k or marry a zombie.

Founder Rui Gouveia told the Memo:

We’re seeing two types of users: the ones that use FMK just for the fun of it [and] others for the possibility of meeting new people.

We know the concept is bold and risky [but users] can opt-out at any time if they don’t want their profile to be in the mix.

FMK has had 6,500 downloads since its launch last month, and 90 per cent of users access the app every day, according to Memo.

Here's the app's video:

But don’t worry, the app states:

Keep in mind that the killing is figurative.

That’s okay, then...

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