Bryan Johnson hosts 'don't die' dinner with Kardashian clan

Bryan Johnson hosts 'don't die' dinner with Kardashian clan
'Invincible man' Bryan Johnson uses machine to generate tears
Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson, famed for spending millions on reversing the ageing process, hosted the Kardashian family for a "don't die" dinner.

Biohacking Johnson, of KernelCo and Blueprint, is famed for spending $2 million a year to reduce his biological age and has turned to extreme measures to get the job done.

These include injecting his 18-year-old son's blood, having a strict diet and sleep routine - and sending shocks to his penis to achieve longer-lasting erections.

He recently sat down with Khloé, Kim, and Kris Jenner, alongside plastic surgeon Dr Jason Diamond, and podcast host Andrew Huberman.

Footage of the dinner was shared on his TikTok account where it sparked a mixed response.

"POV the random group that forms when teachers randomly assign students together for group projects," one joked, while another added: "The collab we never knew we needed."

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: "A lot of people are not focusing on the most important thing here. The worldwide stage of health and wellness this family has the ability to spread awareness for. It’s the audience needed, not wanted."


Hosted a Don’t Die dinner w @Kim Kardashian @Khloé Kardashian @Kris @Andrew Huberman @Dr Jason diamond @Kate Tolo

It comes after Johnson shared a day in the life on his YouTube channel where he suggested he celebrates his birthday every 19 months due to his biohacking success.

Titled 'My $16/Day Diet to Live to 200+', Johnson said he has hit his "personal best" in slowing down the ageing process at a rate of "0.64".

"That roughly means that for every 12 months that pass I only age for 7.6 months now," he claimed.

Johnson said an important part of his journey is his diet: "'My diet, my team and I have gone through a methodical process over the years."

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