One Good Thing: Internet Rewards Burger King Employee for 27 Years of ...
One Good Thing

Burger King customers across the globe have been left baffled after receiving blank email receipts from the fast food chain.

The mysterious email-in-question is said to be sent from Burger King's main promotional marketing email address with no details inside. They appear to have been mass sent around midnight on 9 August.

People headed to Twitter in a state of confusion. Meanwhile, Burger King remained somewhat quiet; the chain is yet to release a full statement on the blunder.

One said: "Did something weird happen? Check Twitter. Fastest way to get an answer. For instance, I got a blank receipt from #burgerking and I was like, "Did I even order from Burger King?" Sure enough, so did everyone else lol."

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Another added: "Can’t wait for my mysterious late night ghost order? (I didn’t order anything)."

Pizza joint Domino's also chimed in on the action, joking: "Confirming we also ordered nothing from Burger King."

Some speculated that the emails could have resulted from a data breach. While it is unclear how many people the emails had reached, posts on social media indicate it could be by the thousands.

One Twitter user said: "Thought either I got hungry in the night, I’ve been hacked, or it’s a scam…"

Another added: "Was initially worried I was hacked or if it was a scam."

However, a representative for the fast food chain kept it short and sweet, telling The Vergethe emails were nothing more than a "result of an internal processing error."

Indy100 reached out to Burger King for comment.

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