Busta Rhymes reacted furiously after woman touched his butt

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Busta Rhymes was being serious when he said “put your hands where my eyes can see.”

The rapper had his personal space violated when walking through an unknown public location with an entourage and security guards.

A video that captured the situation shows Busta Rhymes, 50, reacting furiously to a woman who grabbed his butt as he was walking away.

Busta Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor Smith Jr, whipped his head around at the woman and threw his drink at her.

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The video, posted by KameronBennett on Twitter, went viral.

Over three million people watched the rapper respond angrily to the woman, sparking debate about his behavior and whether or not it was acceptable.

“I don’t blame him,” KameronBennett wrote.

Some argued that if the roles were reversed, the woman would be praised for defending herself against a man who nonconsensually touched her.

“A lot of women feel like they have free range to grope and touch people simply because they’re women. Along with the fact that society has created this narrative that any sexual attention towards a man is welcomed and it’s not. Men get uncomfortable just like we do,” Nichelle wrote.

Others felt he should not have responded so aggressively.

“Was throwing a drink necessary?” A Twitter user asked.

“I understand but he didn’t have to throw a [drink] on her. She is just a fan that went too far but he should be [used] to it after all these [years]. Disrespecting a [Black] woman not cool,” Shang tweeted.

The woman, identified as Nikita Mathi told The Shade Room she did not mean to touch Busta Rhymes’ butt.

Mathi said, “I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic [being] a longtime fan."

"I admit I shouldn’t have touched him at all but he’s Busta. I felt like I could possibly get a pic," Mathi added.

An Instagram commenter wrote on The Shade Room's post, "The moral of the story is … keep your hands to yourself."

The rapper has faced similar situations in his career. Last year, the rapper scolded a woman in the audience after she began grabbing at him.

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