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Hundreds are reportedly lining up across California to purchase marijuana as the state's legalisation of recreational cannabis comes into effect this week.

As far as the US federal government is concerned, weed is illegal. As is taking it across state lines, taking it on a plane or mailing it.

The cannabis tracking body New Frontier Data, said in its 2017 report:

Cannabis is now legal in the most populous state in the country, dramatically increasing the total potential size of the industry while establishing legal adult use markets across the entire US Pacific Coast given the legalised states of Washington and Oregon.

We've put together figures showing which states have legalised cannabis for recreational and medical use.

Another map shows the 2016 US Presidential election results.

From the data, it appears that Democratic states are more in favour of legalising cannabis for both recreational and medical use.

However, a recent Gallup poll however found that more Republicans are in support for the first time.

In 2017, 51 per cent were for legalising cannabis, up nine per cent from the year before.

Overall, 64 per cent of respondents polled, of all political persuasions, say it should be legal.

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