YouTuber discovers massive hole in New York sidewalk

YouTuber discovers massive hole in New York sidewalk
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A YouTuber stunned the internet after discovering a massive deep hole in a New York City sidewalk.

Internet personality Casey Neistat shared his shocking discovery in a video that has gone viral across social media. Text overlaying the video read: “Gotta watch out on New York City sidewalks”.

In the clip, Neistat was filming on a New York City street when the camera of his phone panned to reveal a corner of a paving slab that was crumbling and appeared to be sagging downwards.

Neistat pressed his foot into the crumbling part of the slab which dramatically fell away leaving a fairly sizeable and dangerous-looking hole.

He put his arm holding the phone down the hole, with the camera revealing just how deep it went into the ground. Various rusted pipe work could be seen occupying the space.

The 20-second video has been viewed almost 26 million times on TikTok and has also been shared across other social media platforms, sparking quite a reaction.

Other TikTokers took to the comments, where they joked that the hole would probably soon be rented out as an apartment.

“That’s someone’s studio apartment. $2,300 a month plus utilities,” someone joked in the comments section.

Another said: “Bro found Old York.”

One concerned viewer wrote: “Casey, I hope you called someone.”

“Bro out here wasting injury lawsuits,” someone else quipped.

Someone else suggested: “Mans found the entrance to Super Mario World.”

Along the same lines, another person asked: “Are the ninja turtles in there?”

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