Cat owner left horrified after feline gets trapped inside a wall following renovation gaffe

Cat owner left horrified after feline gets trapped inside a wall following renovation gaffe

It’s arguably one of the most stressful things to experience our furry friends go missing under our watch.

That was the case of one woman who was fearing for her cat’s life when she heard his meows, but couldn’t locate him.

Giavanna, who goes by @giavannaaaa_ _ on TikTok, posted a video to the platform of her recently renovated bathroom wall that was tiled. She noted that she heard a meow coming from behind the newly placed wall tiles.

Tiled wallsTiled wallsPhoto courtesy of @giavannaaaa_ _/TikTok

Giavanna then realised exactly what happened—her loveable feline companion had been hiding behind the wall when the tiles were fitted, causing him to become stuck.

In the video, which has received 8 million views, a man ended up cutting a square hole at the bottom of the wall, and the cat poked his head out to see the light and become free.

Hole cut in the wall to free the catHole cut in the wall to free the catPhoto courtesy of @giavannaaaa_ _/TikTok

<p>Cat stuck in the wall</p>Cat stuck in the wallPhoto courtesy of @giavannaaaa_ _

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“So our tile went up today, and I heard a meow… my car got stuck in the wall,” Giavanna’s text on screen read.


soooo my cat got stuck behind the wall when our tile went up today…. #fyp #foryou #catsoftiktok #cat #wtf

People in the comments were perplexed by how the cat could get trapped like that in the first place.

“Cat said ‘a room, just for me? You shouldn’t have,’” someone wrote, making light of the situation.

“How did he get inside there,” another person asked to which Giavanna said that there has been remodeling going on in the house since July and that there was “nothing closing off the wall,” so the cat made a “hiding spot out of it” as the tiling occurred.

A third also made a suggestion surrounding the new hole in the wall and wrote, “Any thoughts about not covering up that hole and adding a kitty door?

Giavanna also responded to the comment with the following: “Honestly thinking about it since he doesn’t want to leave it alone.”

She also noted that she and her father had ended up forgetting that the tile was getting done and the cat was there.

“I went in later that night, and I heard him, and that’s where this happened.”

Giavanna also revealed that it took her cat over an hour to leave the hole in the wall, although it was safe for him to do so.

“He was just poking his head out like that but wouldn’t come fully out for over an hour,” she wrote in the video comments.

A fourth person also shared a story of her pet going missing in unknown spaces.

“My dog once was missing for two days. Nowhere to be found, called all the shelters,etc. He went up the stairs in the garage and was afraid to go down,” they wrote.

At least the pets are safe and sound now!

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