A Japanesecat who helped save an elderly man who had collapsed in a ditch was made police chief for a day last year, in a video which has resurfaced online.

The feline, named Koko, was commended by the local police force and made a police chief to coincide with the country’s spring traffic safety campaign.

A video from NHK News shows the puss in a makeshift police uniform – including a miniature hat - before placing her paw print on a special certificate.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to praise and welcome Koko’s new appointment.

“People uncomfortable with defunding the police could perhaps at least consider placing cats in charge,” wrote one user.

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“I for one welcome our new police chief overlords,” said another.

“In Japan, a cat who drew attention to an elderly man who had fallen in a ditch, was made “police chief” for a day with a lot of pomp and pageantry. An extra helping of salmon may have been more welcome, though,” journalist Neha Banka joked.

Koko, we salute you.

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