Celebrity nanny says these are A-listers' craziest demands

Celebrity nanny says these are A-listers' craziest demands
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New York Post

A celebrity nanny has candidly spilt all the secrets about her career after working for "the biggest diva in Hollywood" who remains unnamed.

Philippa Christian, who published the 2015 novel Nanny Confidential, told the New York Post that she could "make a list a million times long" of the "crazy things" she was required to do. For instance, one celebrity mum made Christian sit beside her and "stir her coffee constantly" because she didn't like the texture of almond milk.

"Every time she wanted to have a sip, the coffee needed to be swirling," she revealed.

As for her actual childcare duties, Christian described celebrity nannies as being the "dumping ground".

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"Whether it’s screaming, throwing items, seeking revenge, having ‘acquaintances’ inform certain publicists of private information of their partner they are currently fighting with or a co-star they can’t stand. Unfortunately, you witness it all," she continued.

If you've ever wondered why nannies rarely appear in paparazzi shots, that's because they are required to "walk at least three meters behind the family," according to Christian. This is intended to give the impression "that the family doesn’t have help and they do it all on their own."

The demanding nature of the job also impacted Christian's work-life balance, after admitting it impacted her love life and freedom.

"I had a curfew at night and was not allowed to date," she told the outlet, "this is because they fear you falling in love and leaving the position as they do like to have continuity with their nannies for their children’s sake."

Despite having to abide by some bizarre rules, Christian concluded by calling it "a special job that is built on trust, and that trust should never be broken, no matter what."

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