31 of the funniest Cerveza Cristal memes

31 of the funniest Cerveza Cristal memes
Lucas Film/Cerveza Cristal

Every now and then, something comes along which reminds you why we all still bother sticking around on social media. In 2024 we’ve already had the Glasgow Willy Wonka experience doing exactly that, and now we’ve got Cerveza Cristal memes too.

In case you missed it, a bizarre Chilean advertising campaign from 20 years ago has gone viral which sees beer ads slotted directly into the original Star Wars movies.

Rather than adding in advert breaks as you’d expect, the campaign actually cut bizarre moments of product placement directly into the action.

It results in the characters from the iconic film franchise suddenly grabbing a cold beer, or discovering a secret stash of cold ones tucked away on the Death Star.

It looks like we’ve got a Twitter/X user by the name of Windy to thank for the viral trend, with Windy posting a clip and writing: “Around 2003 in Chile, when the original trilogy of Star Wars began airing on television there, they did this funny thing to avoid cutting to commercial breaks.”

It’s hilarious stuff, and the bizarre marketing ploy from two decades ago has inspired some amazing memes with people imagining what the beer would look like if it was spliced into other movies.

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