Yes, it’s really been a year since Chanel the parrot went missing

Yes, it’s really been a year since Chanel the parrot went missing

Sometimes the most unlikely moments are destined for immortality.

For example, who would think that a pet-owner’s desperate plea to find her missing parrot would blow up social media?

But that’s exactly what happened on April 19, 2020, when a Liverpool mum called Sandra shared a video begging for help to find her beloved African grey, Chanel.

"Please everyone... my parrot’s gone," she said in the selfie-recording before crying at the top of her lungs: “CHANEEELLLL.”

The clip struck a chord with millions of viewers across the world, becoming an instant online sensation.

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A Chanel the Parrot Twitter page was created in the bird and her “mam’s” honour.

And Sandra’s impassioned appeal was voted the “most iconic pop culture moment of 2020” in aTyla poll, beating the likes of Nigella’s “Meecrowahve” moment.

Fortunately, the saga had a happy ending, with Sandra and Chanel reunited just days after the fateful disappearance.

Now, exactly a year on from Sandra’s historic call for help, admirers have flocked back to their favourite platforms to pay homage to the iconic duo.

The Love of Huns Instagram account shared a commemorative post on Monday, writing: “It’s been a year since Chanel the parrot went missing…”

Within seconds followers paid tribute, with comments including: “Forever my fave vid,” and “never forget.”

Here’s how Twitter has responded:

Meanwhile, Sandra herself has acknowledged the very special anniversary.

She posted a recreation of the historic incident on Facebook, with the caption: “Omg a year ago. Soz, had to.”

Let’s hope for Sandra’s sake that Chanel doesn’t mark the occasion with another trip to the canal...

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