Bride and groom branded 'tacky' after charging wedding guests £2000 fee

Bride and groom branded 'tacky' after charging wedding guests £2000 fee

Most people aspire to have a dream wedding – but what if the guests were asked to fund it? Well, that's exactly what newlyweds Sophie and Jeff did, causing uproar across Reddit.

"Thank you for RSVPing to our wedding, and thank you for helping us have the wedding of our dreams," wedding guest Jack received via email before noticing a link reading: "Click here for payment."

Jack assumed it was a non-compulsory link for those who wanted to gift a contribution towards his friends' honeymoon. However, to his disbelief, it led to a page asking for shy of £2,000 to attend the wedding.

Despite being "astounded" by the request, Jack "emptied his entire savings to attend the wedding."

Jack tried to see the bright side and decided to "rinse the free food and booze and get the most expensive stuff possible" – that was until he learned drinks weren't included.

To make matters worse, he was lumped with a further £200 after being informed by the venue that the bride and groom "had requested every guest be charged this amount as a tip for the venue."

After the wedding, Jack was curious to see how much the venue had cost and discovered the pair "basically got a free wedding."

"Not only did the bride and groom pass on the costs of a ridiculously priced venue to the guests, after people had RSVP'd, essentially putting the venue above guest attendance, but then they passed on the cost of a tip to the guests WITHOUT TELLING THEM, as a required charge on check out," a friend wrote on the forum on Jack's behalf.

Hundreds of fellow Redditors flocked to the post with some calling it "tacky" behaviour.

"Once I saw the payment screen, I would have called and cancelled my RSVP," one person wrote. "I don't care who the bride and groom are to me. If you want a specific type of wedding, pay for it yourself. What they did was downright tacky."

Another added: "I would never, ever empty my savings for a scam couple like that. Damn."

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: "This is beyond tacky. this is downright grifter behaviour."

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