Charlie Kirk criticises men for wearing make-up, seconds after saying he wears make-up

Charlie Kirk criticises men for wearing make-up, seconds after saying he wears make-up
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Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk criticised men for wearing make-up - even though he admitted to doing the same thing just seconds before.

In a clip from The Charlie Kirk Show shared on Twitter, the conservative host spoke with someone named Tom about the idea of men wearing the make-up, noting that he only wears it if he's on television.

"I don't have any on today, but if I go on cable TV and those bright lights, you do need a little bit of powder," Kirk said in the video.

"But I think Tom, what you're pointing to and what I would tell your daughter and one day what I will tell mine, is 'what kind of man do you want to marry?'

"And if you wish to marry a man that wears make-up and acts feminine, then I think that probably needs some loving adjustment and confrontation," he added before bringing the Lord into the conversation.

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"God made the masculine and the feminine - they are meant for one another. There's a whole deeper discussion about make-up and about why women wear make-up… there [are] some people that are very strict in Christian circles that say you shouldn't wear make-up at all," he added before saying he "completely disagrees with that."

However, he still decided to take a seeming dig at men and the choices they may make when it comes to cosmetics.

"If you have a dude that is wearing make-up, they need to be confronted and say, 'that's wrong.' Why don't you just work on, maybe, getting your testosterone levels up a little bit," Kirk said.

People didn't hesitate to seemingly call out Kirk's "level of insecurity" and how he fixes himself up, with or without make-up.

One person wrote: "Lol and Republicans say they just want people to leave them alone to live their lives while they're all up in everybody else's business trying to tell them how to live."

"Why can't these people mind their own business?" another asked.

A third wrote: "This is a level of insecurity in one's own manhood that is rarely encountered."

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