Dentist says there’s a surprising food you should eat if you forgot to pack your toothbrush
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We all know it’s important to brush our teeth daily. And while sometimes that slips if you’re running late for work or are tired from a long day, you should still try your best to get back into the routine of brushing your pearly whites morning and night.

The results can be rapid - in a recent study 40 participants with different degrees of gingivitis to perform the ideal oral hygiene regimen for three weeks. This caused a reduced level of gingivitis which was a great starting point for this study.

The researchers found that within as little as 24 hours of not brushing your teeth, there was worrying increase in “bad oral bacteria.”

But a New York City dentist says there’s one food that can be a good stopgap to much on to protect your oral hygiene if you skipped brushing your teeth—cheese.

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Yes, you read that correctly.

Cosmetic dentist Sonia Kohli told Well + Good said crunchy vegetables and sugar-free gum are good for your teeth if you don’t have a toothbrush to hand - but anyone with a weakness for a stinky blue cheese or a tangy gouda will be pleased to know that cheese is in the mix, too.

Cheese helps your mouth produce more saliva, which provides a form of cavity protection.

The phosphate and calcium levels within the cheese also naturally improves teeth and bone health and the mouth’s natural pH.

All in all, although these tips are super helpful, a regular cleaning is always best - so try not to forget the toothbrush.

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