Restaurant owner receives toilet roll through post – but it’s actually a compliment

<p>This chef got a weird package from a fan of his food</p>

This chef got a weird package from a fan of his food


A restaurant owner and chef was sent some loo roll in the post – but the mystery gift was actually meant to be a compliment.

Gary Usher shared a picture on Twitter of a package, addressed to his Burnt Truffle restaurant, one of the many award-winning eateries he owns and runs across the northwest of England.

Inside the package was a roll of toilet paper, featuring a historic tweet which predicted the demise of Usher’s restaurant – a prediction that clearly did not come true.

Here’s the back story. In 2018, Usher opened Kala, a Manchester bistro. Before it opened, journalist Emily Heward posted a photo of the menu, which triggered a series of critical tweets including one which said: “Pumpkin seed puree, salsa matcha, smoked mussel cream... Menu all over the place, trying very hard. 9 months tops.”

It is now 2021 and the restaurant is still in business and the mystery sender clearly wanted to let Usher know how he should feel about such criticism.

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Usher wrote on Twitter: “This bog roll with his tweet printed on it arrived for me at Burnt truffle today so I can wipe my arse with it. No note no idea who sent it.”

One responded: “Truly, whomever sent it to you was a scholar.” Another said: “Forget toilet roll, this is toilet troll.”

Usher has developed a reputation for his TripAdvisor clapbacks. In one instance, an unhappy customer said about a member of staff at his Sticky Walnut restaurant in Chester: “The menu was misleading, instead of apologising and trying to fix our distress, she got extremely agitated, defensive and frankly rude.” She said people should “avoid this place like the plague unless they like being ripped off.”

He gave a detailed reply about why he felt this summation of her experience was unfair, including that the customer was rude to the manager.

Since his famous reply went viral, he has deleted TripAdvisor from his phone, saying he had a “ten-year unhealthy working relationship” with the app.

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