The viral moment a chef tries to impress and it backfires badly

Screenshots: Instagram / @browncardigan
Screenshots: Instagram / @browncardigan

If ‘Salt Bae’ taught us anything last year, it’s that a little restaurant theatre is no bad thing.

But earlier this week, another chef went viral for a slightly more dangerous trick: sparking a flame which licked upwards and quickly set off restaurant sprinklers, drenching his guests in water.

Guests quickly ran for cover in the Teppanyaki restaurant, with one muttering:

That’s what you get for being a hipster show-off chef attempting to justify exorbitant menu prices.

These fancy food tricks are commonplace in Teppanyaki restaurants.

Originated in Japan, it’s a method of cookery which involves sizzling various raw ingredients on a hot plate; it has since spread worldwide, with many restaurants providing built-in iron griddle tables for their guests to fry their own meal.

Let's at least hope this video reminds them all to do so carefully - or risk an impromptu shower.

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