A woman turned her toilet into a Chia Pet complete with sprouts

A woman turned her toilet into a Chia Pet complete with sprouts
'This cat has been trained to use its hoomans' toilet '

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for successfully turning her toilet into a Chia Pet.

TikToker and artist Ali Sapgnola likes to create "outrageous" forms of music, art, and fitness and share them on the internet for fun. Her latest creation combined her toilet with Chia Pets, the popular chia sprout plants that people can grow from interesting shapes.

In a series of videos, Spagnola showed viewers the process to grow her toilet Chia Pet over the course of one week. In just the seven days her porcelain throne went from pearly white to lush green thanks to chia sprouts.

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Viewers tuned in every day to watch the toilet sprout in anticipation. Some thought it may not work while others were optimistic. But now with over 30 million views, Spagnola has proven that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

In her first video of the series, the outrageous artist introduced followers to her idea showing her toilet covered from lid to base in chia seeds which are notorious sticky when moistened. She informed people she would be watering the project three times a day for a week to see what would happen.


Attempting šŸš½šŸŒ± chia pet

Every day Spagnola documented herself watering her chia toilet so followers could watch the seeds turn to sprouts.

Commenters expressed mixed feelings toward the project.

"I can't tell if I love this or hate this.... either way I'm so invested," a commenter wrote on day four's video.

"My skin is crawling," a commenter said on day two's video.

But many commenters wondered if Spagnola was going to sit on her fluffy green toilet once the seeds had fully sprouted. Luckily, on day seven, Spagnola answered that by taking her new toilet for a spin.


Art is supposed to make you feel

Documenting her experience, Spagnola sat on her newly planted toilet and gave a formal review.

"This is so odd and pleasing," Spagnola said. "It's just a little moist but in a satisfying way. It is so comfortably mushy and delightful."

Commenters shared the TikToker's joy and confusion toward the Chia Pet toilet.

"Yes, but also NO. but yes?"

"Iā€™m upset and idk y"

"Great series my anticipation was off the charts ha ha ha."

Luckily for interested followers, Spagnola is continuing her series by drying out her toilet chia plant and documenting the journey.

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