<p>Alive became a viral meme after looking a little worse for wear</p>

Alive became a viral meme after looking a little worse for wear


An unlucky chihuahua garnered social media fame after his owner posted the aftermath of his attempt to play with a bee.

@Angel_campa posted a video on TikTok with the following caption: “Throwback to when my dog got stung by a bee.” The video amassed more than 15 million views as people found the clip, which featured before and after footage, hilarious.

The video shows the dog Alvie relaxing on a blanket before the two foes meet. It then shows the pooch after his bee sting, looking a bit rough with a swollen cheek, wonky eyes and his tongue hanging out of his little doggy mouth – resembling how some of us might look after a night on the town, something we can legally do again thanks to the government’s lockdown easing roadmap.

Perhaps this is why people related so hard to the little dog, with the video quickly inspiring a flood of memes as people saw their own struggles in the little dog.

Commenting on the dog’s internet fame, the owner wrote: “My dog was really trending on Twitter for a hot minute.” It prompted more than 76,000 comments, with people recognising the well-known hound.

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People on TikTok were debating which emoticon he resembled more

One person wrote: “So your dog is THAT dog.”

Another commented,:“OMG YOUR DOG WAS THE TONGUE MEME.”

Other people were fascinated by the sting itself, and the state in which is had left the poor pooch’s face.

“WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE IT’S BITING LIP EMOJI!” One person exclaimed, sparking a debate about which emoji he resembled more – that one or the sick face.

Another wrote: “Me when I bite into a lemon”

And another summed up what many of us felt: “I feel so bad for laughing”.

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