Child shoveling snow for his neighbours goes viral for his lack of enthusiasm for the job

9-year-old Carter Trozzolo is exhausted from shoveling snow

Mondays are hard. But this past Monday was especially hard for 9-year-old Canadian Carter Trozzolo. The young boy was tasked with shoveling snow after a massive blizzard hit Southern Ontario.

With big sighs and empty, tired, eyes Trozzolo explained to Canadian news channel CTV, how the snowstorm impacted his day.

"I really wish I was in school right now," he said. With another big sigh, he looked up at the falling snow and quietly added, "I'm tired."

Trozzolo's long exasperated sighs and one-liners became an instant viral hit. Anyone who's ever had to shovel snow understands how unenjoyable the job can be.

But despite his weariness, Trozzolo continued to help others around him. The 9-year-old explained that he wasn't just shoveling for his own family, he was also doing it

"For my neighbors, friends, probably people I don't even know," Trozzolo said.

Trozzolo's relatable expressions sparked joy across the internet.

So many found the exhausted third-grader entertaining that CTV decided to check back in with him the following day to see how his snow shoveling job was going.

Unfortunately for Trozzolo, school was still closed due to the snow. But it seems a good night of sleep raised his spirits as he continued to shovel snow.

"There was a lot of snow," Trozzolo said. "I'm still tired."

Trozzolo is unsure what to do with his newfound viral fame. He said he's going to not think about it for now.

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