Watch a man on a leash being walked through Farringdon

A father of quintuplets is facing backlash online for 'walking' his five toddlers using leashes.

Jordan Driskell, who goes by drixxleman online, posted a TikTok and Instagram Reel 'walking' his 5-year-old quintuplets using child leashes.

The five children, Zoey, Asher, Dakota, Gavin, Hollyn are quintuplets who Driskell shares with his wife, Briana. The Kentucky couple share their experience raising quintuplets online through funny videos.

But people didn't seem to find Driskell's post about using child leashes very humorous.

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"But teachers can look after 30 kids without using leashes 🤔🙃", a commenter wrote on the Instagram Reel.

"Are you gonna train them to pull a sleigh next? Which one has the red nose? Are any of them rescues?" another commenter wrote.

"Bro I get what your doing but kids are not animals and should not be treated like em if you can’t control your kids don’t have em", a person said"

In an interview with TODAY, Driskell explained the leashes are for safety.

“Kids are so curious — they want to run off and explore,” Driskell said. “For our own peace of mind and sanity, we use a leash. It also allows us to leave the house and do fun stuff as a family without being stressed."

Despite some of the backlash, many parents sent Driskell encouraging comments and echoed the concerns about safety.

"Better safe than sorry. If I had that many I would do the same. Rock on!!!" an Instagram commenter wrote.

"Doesn't matter if you have 1 or 5. it only takes a split second for something to go wrong when they are this young. ignore the haters." Another commenter wrote on TikTok.

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