HR meetings surge following work Christmas party season

HR meetings surge following work Christmas party season
Office workmates print wacky faces for Christmas party gifts instead of name …
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It's no secret that work Christmas parties can get rowdy. So much so, some workers have sworn by the "two drinks and leave" rule to avoid any unwanted 'hangxiety' or awkward encounters at the office the following day.

Well now, people are candidly lifting the lid on their worst post-party experiences after one person claimed they were summoned to a "crucial" HR meeting following the event.

In the viral TikTok, the user posted a screenshot of an email "regarding reports of [their] behaviour".

"This meeting is to address the behaviour in question and its implications under our company policies," it read.

It didn't take long for fellow TikTokers to comfort the user with their very own incidents.

One person claimed they got arrested at their husband's Christmas party, adding: "HR was the one who decided I’d be that year's victim and purposely fed me the alcohol."

One HR worker chimed in and said: "The amount of disciplinary meeting invitations I had to send out after our work Christmas party this year was insane."


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Another employee claimed they were "sacked" and they are still trying to recover from it.

"I've a friend who blacked out at his Christmas party and was fired the next day," one TikToker wrote. "To this day he still doesn't know what happened."

Meanwhile, things turned aggressive in the engineering sector, when one staff member "punched one of the managers."


It comes after a recent study revealed that 35 per cent of Brits regret their Christmas party antics.

Cards specialist Thortful suggested that people in Manchester (49 per cent) and Leeds (46 per cent) were among those with the biggest regrets.

Almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of those working in environment and agriculture are doing the deed following office festivities, followed closely by people working in business, consulting and management (52 per cent).

Furthermore, the nation appears to be one of loose lips, with one in three (30 per cent) admitting to accidentally letting office secrets slip after having one too many.

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