Chuck Schumer got too excited at the State of the Union and became an instant meme

Chuck Schumer got too excited at the State of the Union and became an instant meme
President Joe Biden delivers State of the Union address

While watching President Joe Biden's State of the Union address on Tuesday night, New York Senator Chuck Schumer got way too excited - leading to a relatable embarrassing moment.

We've all been there - stood up too early or clapped prematurely leading to an embarrassing amount of attention in a crowd. Lucky for most of us, it's not televised across the country.

During the State of the Union address, the President spoke about the American Rescue Plan which Schumer excitedly stood up and clapped for. Unfortunately, the senator's timing was not impeccable.

Before the President could speak positively about the American Rescue Plan, he mentioned previous administrations' plans to benefit only the top 1% of earners in the country, leading to an eruption of boos from the crowd.

However, Schumer did not anticipate the reaction and stood up to applaud the president's mention of the American Rescue Plan. The senator quickly realized his mistake and did an up-down dance before taking a seat and then standing back up to join the rest of Congress. Check out the awkward clip here.

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The embarrassing moment created quite the storm on social media.

"I think we just saw Chuck Schumer become a meme in real time," Deputy Governor of Illinois, Christian Mitchell said.

"I, like Schumer, have tried and failed to start a wave at a public event," Seth Motus tweeted.

"@SenSchumer is READY. He is a hype man. He is the Majority Leader! He will applaud. We all need a friend like that," user @JessLivMo tweeted.

Many other called Schumer's premature applause 'cringe' and marveled at their own 'second-hand embarrassment' due to the poorly timed nature of it.

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