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An apparent cinema employee has gone viral on TikTok after revealing a major secret about the sizes of popcorn you can buy at the movie theatre.

TikToker @thatcoolguy.25597 revealed in July 2021 that people who have purchased the medium-sized popcorn may have been scammed as the small and medium actually contain the same amount of popcorn.

In the viral clip, which has been viewed 13 million times, the TikTok user pretends to be a customer ordering the cinema snack.

Then, the concessions worker shows the customer the sizes – a large bucket, a regular bucket (medium) and a junior bag (small).

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The customer orders the junior bag for $7.35 because the medium bucket is “too much”. But, upon receiving the bag of popcorn, they change their mind and ask to get the medium size.


If you’re at the movies just get a small or large no in between💀 #workingatthemovies #movies #comedy #funny #fyp #foryou

Demonstrating why the sizes are a scam, the concessions worker empties the small bag of popcorn into the medium bucket, filling it to the top and charging $8.44 – an extra $1.09 – for the same amount of food.

The cinema worker revealed how a small bag of popcorn contains the same amount as a medium bucketTikTok/@thatcoolguy.25597

Despite their different packaging and pricing, a small bag of popcorn appears to contain the same amount of popcorn as a medium bucket.

The clip has been viewed by millions of cinema-goers who were astounded by the popcorn scam which “should be illegal”.

One person commented: “Feel like this should be illegal. If I’m paying for a bigger size, I should be getting a bigger size.”

Another wrote: “Medium is always a scam.”

The TikTok ends with the customer asking to get the small bag again after seeing the scam for themselves and realising they were paying more for the same product.

It would now appear that the man behind the video no longer works at the cinema has he recently uploaded a video looking back at how viral the video has gone since it was first shared.


I never expected that to blow up but i hope youre not getting medium popcorn 😩 #greenscreenvideo #comedy #fyp #xbyzca #funny #movie #movietheateremployee

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