Class ring lost in Florida Keys waters found 36 years later

A Florida diver off the coast of the Florida Keys found a gold class ring at the bottom of the water - and it turned out that the owner lost it 36 years prior.

Shawn Rauch, the diver in question, discovered the ring using a metal detector. Then, with the help of internet searches, he started to get closer to the rightful owner.

“I’ve been doing this for about seven or eight years now, and I was always hoping that one day I would find one,” he told WWSB-TV, and ABC 7 affiliate.

Once he uncovered the ring, which was from 1986, Rauch decided to search the high school of the ring, called Lassiter High School in Marietta, Georgia. He then decided to track down people to get more information about the potential owner.

“His name was Mark Murray, and there was virtually no information about him on the internet,” Rauch said.

But he wasn’t deterred.

Staying persistent, he made some calls to Murray’s former classmates and eventually got a hold of the owner, who had lost something so precious decades earlier.

“The whole thing is just a really neat turn of events. It’s really cool,” Murray tells the outlet.

Fortunately for Murray, Rauch is a finder but gives things back that belong to others.

“I would have never thought that I would see this ring again. I mean, look, it still fits my finger,” Murray says while showing his hand.

After this sentimental find, Rauch is preparing for his next “big find.”

“It’s fun finding gold and diamonds and, you know, Rolex watches. But by far the best part is getting these reactions from people thinking that these hugely sentimental things are finally coming home,” he said.

He also adds that he’ll keep his searches, returning things to people, all while putting smiles on their faces.

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