Let's face it - we all know some pretty awesome jokes, but sometimes they're just too rude to use in polite company.

You can't have the same laugh with your mates that would you have with say, your boss or your in-laws.

But have no fear - the good folk of reddit have put their heads together and shared their favourite short, clean jokes for any occasion.

Here are a few of our favourites.

If you work on your delievery, this will go down well.

Even morbid conversations can be lightened with a little humour.

Some of these do come dangerously close to 'dad joke' territory...

But we'll forgive them.

Bad jokes are universal, no matter where you are.

Just cycle through this selection of gags any time you need them.

Good advice.

An old one, but still a classic.

Time for another joke...

The old formats still work of course.

Credit to this person's girlfriend. Don't stel her joke.

Have you chortled yet?

What about a belly laugh?

Or a guffaw?

Maybe a little giggle?

Or simply a groan?

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