Influencer sparks debate after boyfriend flies her to Coachella in a helicopter

Influencer sparks debate after boyfriend flies her to Coachella in a helicopter
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A woman said that her boyfriend flew her out to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival by helicopter - and people are calling her out for the carbon footprint.

The woman, who goes by @septoctnov on TikTok and built her account as a rich guy’s stay-at-home girlfriend, took to the platform to highlight how she came to the festival in style.

“POV: you and your bff have rich boyfriends and are going to Coachella in a helicopter with artists passes,” the text onscreen reads.

“Did y’all really think u would catch me in that traffic,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

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Within the video, you can see the woman boarding the helicopter, which then jump cuts to footage of the flight, which also showcases an aerial view of buildings. In another cut, you can see her and a friend toasting with a drink.


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This behind-the-scenes look into the creator’s lifestyle isn’t out of the ordinary, and neither is some of the criticism she received about her ride to the festival.

“Love the carbon footprint,” one wrote, while another added: “#LetTheEarthBreathe.”

A third wrote: “it’s not like we have scientists telling us we have 3 YRS to make a change or else.”

On the other hand, other people didn’t see the harm and thought she was living her best life.

“Love the envy in the comments. Ain’t no one stopping y’all from doing the same thing,” a fourth wrote.

A fifth added: “Ya really hating that she chose a rich bf what was she supposed to choose a broke one?? [What] happened to women supporting women? Anyways slayyyyy.”

Someone else plainly said: “Idk why them living their life has yall so stressed.”

Indy100 reached out to @septoctnov for comment via email.

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